July 15, 2024
palmistry marriage line

lucky marriage line. happy and long married life and can lead a rich life with your partner

Want to know what the future holds for your love life? Check if your marriage line? Now stretch out the palm and let’s look main your lines

  • The marriage line is a short line above the love line starting immediately under the little finger. The number of lines doesn’t mean anything. Just read the clearest one.
  • If you have a deep-straight marriage line, it is a sign that you are passionate, gentle and usually have a happy and long married life.
  • If the marriage line stretches to the ring finger, it predicts that his/her spouse’s family is rich and friendly. However, stretching further than the third finger is not a good thing.
  • A line that curves gently upward at the end indicates a happy marriage. A marriage line that tilts upward suggests your life will be joyful and you and your partner will find financial success. The higher your marriage line curves, the happier your union will be.
  • If the marriage line is long and extends ahead and intersects the sun line, it is the palm pattern that once one is married, she or he will get lucky. the lucky palm pattern that makes one envy.

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